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US Office of Personnel Management
Theodore Roosevelt Building

  • LocationWashington, DC
  • Project Size1750 Occupants
  • Project Budget$352,500
  • Services ProvidedRelocation Management
  • Schedule3 years


Congress approved the GSA Design Build Construction Contract to modernize and make energy conservation measures in Office of Personnel Management’s approximately 70-year-old building.  The scope of this project involved move management and excess furniture and equipment inventory. 

The Theodore Roosevelt Building’s (TRB) 1750 occupants were moved into swing space and then back into the renovated space. Construction was completed in phases on a floor-by-floor basis.   

Project Highlights

PSG’s relocation management included:

  • Relocation Schedule
  • Relocation Master Plan
  • Overall Move Management
  • Scheduling and Logistics
  • Tenant Representatives Coordination Meetings
  • Third Party Vendor Coordination
  • On-Site Move Management
  • Space was reconfigured to accommodate extra staff, and augmentation for special electrical and data requirements.

PSG worked closely with Unions in scheduling, space allocation, and seating arrangements. We coordinated approximately 500 moves per weekend. We also turned storage space into office space with new paint, carpeting, furniture, electrical, telephony and data capabilities.