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Is Your Office Post-COVID19 Ready?

PSG's in-house capability provides a full range of services that holistically responds to all elements of facility development, implementation, and operation including preparation of the workplace after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

PSG can provide SOLUTIONS to ensure your employees feel safe, healthy, and valued as they return to the workplace during these are unprecedented times. PSG can help with:

Redesigned Workspaces

  • Create new/modified floor plans
  • Revise and reconfigure common areas, huddle rooms, kitchen areas to accommodate appropriate social distancing
  • Reconfigure workspaces to support social distancing options
  • Install hygiene stations, motivation posters, and sanitation guides
  • Identify and address any environments that could cause Covid-19 transfer

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • PSG can help with the application of an approved EPA Registered (COVID 19) disinfectant that sanitizes all surfaces in the workplace on a regular basis. 
  • Put in place monthly protocols to treat all surfaces with an EPA Registered protective barrier to help inhibit the spread of harmful microbes (bacteria, fungi & viruses) for up to 30 days.
  • Establish a daily protocol for office trash and refuse disposal

Addressing ASHRAE Concerns

PSG can help manage some or all of your readiness plans at healthcare centers, office buildings, remodeling/refits, athletic facilities, transportation, all levels of educational institutions, daycare facilities, hotels, restaurants, correctional facilities, cruise lines, residential, businesses, marine, medical devices, industries, and government facilities.

For more information on how PSG can help you prepare a safe and healthy workplace, call David Zorger at 703-932-3673 or email