Providing Solutions.
Achieving Success.

Mission Critical

PSG offers expertise in the technical capabilities and crucial elements that drive mission critical projects. The issues that make mission critical projects successful are “Speed-to-Market,” 24X7, total redundancy, and disaster avoidance. Our proven, creative, and proprietary processes are what differentiate us from our competition.

Speed to Market
PSG knows how to deliver mission critical facilities fast. We understand the importance of opening and beginning operations in a timely fashion. Failure to achieve this can cost our clients the ability to work and maintain their business. Our team-based approach to mission critical projects delivers exceptional results.  

24 x 7
PSG understands how essential it is for a company to maintain a continuously operating mission critical facility. Through our Project Success Plan, we analyze every assignment to identify issues and proactively implement solutions without compromising established budgets and schedules. PSG’s national purchasing agreements include emergency generators, supplemental cooling units, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Despite the usual long lead-time, PSG guarantees below market pricing and delivery time.

PSG’s proprietary budget process and online information management program keeps constant vigilance on project budgets. We have a clear understanding of the importance of adhering to a budget.

Depth of Experience
The depth of our resources and experience covers the management of reliability audits, diagnostic and commissioning services to site selection assessments.